The Top 10 Googled Wedding Destinations in Europe

Is your dream wedding somewhere abroad? Have you ever wondered what the most sought after country is for a European wedding away from home? Have you ever needed help deciding? If so, we may have the ideal read for you just ahead. We have done some research and unearthed the top 10 most Googled destinations in Europe.

1. Italy

The most Googled destination for a European wedding abroad, is…Italy! The country boasts an endless coastline and a setting to suit practically everyone’s taste. This can be in the form of the otherworldly Italian Alps, the dormant volcanos of Sicily, or the beautiful beaches of Sardinia. It’s no surprise this breathtaking nation is the most sought-after destination for UK (47150 monthly searches), Croatian(4450 monthly searches), Portuguese (5800 monthly searches) and Greek couples (6900 monthly searches). From the perfect wine to some of the best food Europe has to offer, an Italian wedding can deliver the perfect wedding tailored to your dreams.

2. Greece

With many islands scattered across the sea, you’ll be sure to find a little slice of privacy for your wedding day among the Greek islands. From Rhodes to Crete, Zante to Corfu, a Greek wedding can be a unique experience no matter where you choose! With the attractive Mediterranean sea views (of which Greece has some of the very best), luscious green hills and mountains, and service like no other, it’s no wonder a Greek wedding appears second on the list for the most Googled European wedding destinations. This magnificent destination is the first choice for Italian couples (6300 monthly searches) and Cypriots (6300 monthly searches), as well as being the second for Portuguese (4800 monthly searches), Croatian (3350 monthly searches) and British couples (36325 monthly searches).

3. UK

We’re about more than just fish and chips and rainy weather. The UK stands out more for its touch of class and personal experience compared to its neighbours’ mountains and beaches. A classic British wedding in an elegant city venue provides a high-class environment, lending your wedding elegance and grace. Or, if you’d prefer, the UK offers a vast array of rolling hills and countryside for a private yet picturesque marriage ceremony. It seems as though many other Europeans fancy a change of scenery and a stylish approach to their weddings that comes from a UK marriage, such as France (10550 monthly searches), Italy (3400 monthly searches) and Portugal (2800 monthly searches).

4. France

We love France, home to the city of love and a variety of climates. France offers it all with bustling cities like Paris, peaceful countryside aplenty, the Mediterranean backdrop of Marseille, and the Alps of Chamonix. Beyond being the perfect wedding location, the country serves some of the world’s finest foods, excellent wine and an unforgettable charm. Inhabitants of many European countries would opt for a wedding in France, such as the UK (11700 monthly searches), Italy (2250 monthly searches), Greece (1700 monthly searches) and Portugal (2050 monthly searches).

5. Cyprus

Ever feel like you want to get away from the madness of everyday life? Nestled away in the easternmost corner of the Mediterranean is this perfect island for a relaxing wedding. Cyprus boasts an impressive collection of scenery for an island of its size. Peace, relaxation and repose are the fundamentals of a Cyprus wedding. If you prefer a backdrop from the Gods then you’ve got Mount Olympus visible from many popular spots. Or opt for a beach with calming waters in Paphos. This little island is a favourite of fellow European countries such as the UK (13600 monthly searches), Italy (1950 monthly searches), Greece (2400 monthly searches) and Malta (85 monthly searches), and it’s easy to see why.

6. Spain

Nowhere else quite says warm weather, astounding food and amazing parties like Spain. And why not be in Europe’s party centre when celebrating one of the best days of your life? In between all of the festivity and excitement, Spain offers a vast array of picturesque coastlines that stretch from the wild Costa Brava to the tranquil Costa del Sol, offering exquisite cuisine and a cause for celebration wherever you decide to have your Spanish wedding. From 3 out of the 4 corners of Europe, we’ve found that both Greeks and Brits love to get hitched on the west coast of the continent. A wedding in Spain is searched for on Google on average 12850 times a month by UK couples and around 1100 times by Greek couples.

7. Portugal

From the colourful and traditional buildings of Porto, to valleys of vineyards, to the striking rocky cliffs of the Atlantic, Portugal offers a pleasant spin on the average European wedding. The scenic views throughout the country are just perfect when combined with the mild nature of Portugal’s climate, further enchanting your special day. Many of its Mediterranean neighbours are looking at a slice of the Atlantic wedding life with French (1800 monthly searches), Italian (1350 monthly searches) and Croatian (850 monthly searches) couples all searching in numbers for a Portuguese wedding.

8. Turkey

Turkey offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, and if that isn’t for you then maybe the perfect combination of European and Middle Eastern culture takes your fancy. Turkish cities, such as Antalya, are filled with tradition and celebration, along with beautiful architecture, wonderful Mediterranean views and sizzling hot weather to create the perfect melting pot (no pun intended) of conditions for your wedding in Turkey. It’s a popular marriage destination for Europeans, especially if they come from Cyprus (850 monthly searches) or France (1700 monthly searches).

9. Croatia

Croatia is more than just a land known for Game of Thrones, although, when you see it you’ll understand why they wanted to film there. With crystal clear seas, quaint orange rooftops and lush green mountains, Croatia’s coast creates the perfect combination of colours for a calm and relaxing wedding destination. It is easy to see why cities such as Dubrovnik, Split and many more are so renowned for their beauty and history. Croatian weddings are popular among the Portuguese, with the destination appearing in their top 5 most searched for wedding destinations. The Italians and Brits also love a Croatian wedding, with the country appearing 9th for the UK and 8th for Italy by monthly searches.

10. Malta

Malta, the midway point between Europe and Africa. This little island packs a big punch when it comes to culture, climate and cuisine. With its blend of all things Mediterranean, from Northern Africa to Southern Europe, the final spice in the cultural mixing pot is a little touch of British, giving it the comfortable home away from home feeling for the perfect wedding destination. A Maltese wedding is seemingly a favourite with European couples, being Italy’s 6th most Googled destination and the UK’s 8th by the number of monthly searches.

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