Our Favourite Places to Propose Around The World

So, you’ve decided that you’re going to pop the question and ask your partner to marry you. And whilst a spontaneous proposal on a night out at your favourite restaurant can be fun, we feel that a momentous occasion deserves an equally momentous location and setting. 

It’s tricky to list the best places to propose to your partner without covering a few tried and tested clichés. With this list we’ve purposefully tried to get you off the beaten track a little bit to discover a truly memorable, once-in-a-lifetime proposal location that will feel unique to just the two of you.

Once you’ve taken a look through our list, gotten inspired and hopefully popped the question, why not get planning a destination wedding in the place where he or she said ‘yes’?! Have a read through our marriage proposal ideas below, then check out our destinations to find the best venues and packages in your chosen location. And most importantly, the best of luck with your proposal!

Terrazza del Pincio, Rome, Italy

Head down to the Trevi Fountain on any given evening and chances are that you’ll a) have to push your way through hoards of visitors and b) will hear a marriage proposal (or several) taking place. Neither of these things make for a truly special or romantic place to propose. The Spanish Steps are another popular Roman proposal location, but even when getting down on one knee at the very top, you won’t be treated to an exceptional view. 

Those in the know head a little higher up towards Villa Borghese and the Terrazza del Pincio before it. From this lesser-known spot you’ll enjoy some of the most spectacular views of the Rome skyline in the city. Crucially, it’s west facing, meaning you’ll get the sunset up there. It’s a super place to propose, day or night.

If you’ve been wooed by the charms of Rome, then why not check out our other Italy wedding packages and venues?

Castle of Oia, Santorini, Greece

To be fair, practically anywhere on the west coast of the island of Santorini would make a good candidate for a romantic place to propose. The Greek island is the very definition of a picture postcard destination, and the Castle of Oia is one of the most magical places within it. Nestled on a rock high above the sparkling blue seas below, the views from here are some of the best you’ll ever experience. Peer down on the classic whitewashed buildings with colourful domes below as you pop the question from alongside a watchtower built to guard against pirates. How very apt!

Get captured up in the magic of this incredible place and take a look at all of the Greek weddings we offer across the region, from the mainland across all of the islands and beyond.

Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, USA

The Bellagio Fountains as a proposal location are magical, but a little obvious (and crowded). The Eiffel Tower replica is no match for the real thing, and you won’t be able to hear each other over the noise at any of the Strip’s popular casinos. 

Classy couples opt instead to take a drive out into the beautiful Nevada Desert and the incredible Red Rock Canyon. With off-the-beaten-path hiking routes, sweeping views out across the desert back to the twinkling lights of the city and truly breathtaking surroundings, Red Rock makes for an epic place to propose. Head out just before sunset and then hot foot it back to Vegas as a newly engaged couple for a night of partying on the town.

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There’s a whole world out there, so it would take us an entire website to cover all of the best places to propose around it, but we hope that with these three proposal spots we’ve inspired you to do something a bit special for your own experience. Get in touch if you need a little more inspiration, or check out our destinations using the link at the top of this post.