Five ways to honour your Mum on your wedding day

As we head into the brighter days of Spring, this coming weekend marks Mother’s Day in the UK. As millions celebrate together, we thought we’d share some ideas on not only celebrating your Mum on her special day, but also how to honour her on your wedding day. 

Celebrated across the world, with traditions varying from country to country – if you are celebrating your wedding day abroad with us whether it be in Greece, Las Vegas, Cyprus, the Caribbean, Mexico or elsewhere, we have the perfect tips for really including your Mother in your wedding ceremony.

Traditions across the world in celebration of Mother’s Day are so different. For example, in Mexico, Mother’s Day is taken very seriously and is honoured with lively music, delicious food spreads and festive celebrations.

Family is a big part of getting married. Being able to celebrate your love in front of them is a special part of the day. We have collated a variety different of ways to include your Mother in your upcoming wedding ceremony abroad.

1. Make Time for Mother-Daughter Pictures

One of the simplest and easiest ways to involve your Mother in your ceremony is taking lots of photos together. These make for wonderful memories to look back on through all the future stages of your life as Mother and daughter. They’re a simple keepsake to cherish and it will make your Mother feel extra special to you.

2. Give Your Mum a Special Wedding Day Gift

If you’re looking to celebrate your Mother and give back a little, to show your gratitude you could give her a daughter to Mother gift. Depending on your budget we have a few gift ideas that may work for you. For example:

  • Give your Mum her own honeymoon. Whether it’s a Mother-daughter trip, a romantic weekend away with her partner, a trip with a girlfriend or a solo trip, help give your Mum a well-deserved break before or after the big day.
  • Dedicate a song to her at your wedding. You’ve heard of the “father-daughter dance” – switch it up and give your Mother a twirl on the dancefloor.
  • If you still can’t find the perfect wedding dress and your Mum’s is still hanging in the back of her wardrobe – show it some light and wear your Mother’s wedding dress to pay a beautiful homage to her.

3. Help Your Mum Say “Yes” to Her Dress – Mother’s wedding dresses

Wedding dress shopping is the cornerstone of every wedding, we all know the bride will look gorgeous – but give your Mum some time to sparkle and feel confident in her bridal get-up. Take her shopping to find the perfect outfit that will let her shine.

4. Invite Your Mum to “Give You Away” As Well

Similar to the play on the “father-daughter dance”, how about also including your Mother in the marital proceedings, by literally having her in the wedding. Having your Mother at your side will not only be special for you but also for her, to be able to support you in such a momentous moment of your life will be a memory never forgotten.

5. Honour Your Mum On Your Wedding Day Even When She is No Longer with You

Although your wedding is a joyous occasion, we know that sadly not everyone will be able to have their Mother at their wedding. If you have lost your Mother, Grandmother or an important figure in your life, it may be even more important for you to celebrate them at your wedding.

You may want to leave an empty chair at the front of the aisle to acknowledge them, or dedicate a song in their memory – or you may find something a bit more personal to you that would help you feel their presence on your special day.

We hope that we’ve inspired you to include your Mothers in your wedding ceremonies. To start the planning process for your wedding abroad with us, why not have a browse through all our fabulous destinations?