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Weddings in Tuscany

If your dream wedding involves sun, sea, sand and historical scenery, a Tuscany wedding might be perfect for you! One of the most spectacular regions in Italy, Tuscany – or, if you’re looking to be authentically Italian, Toscana – contains some famous cities that you’re sure to recognise, namely Florence and Pisa. 

This means that beautiful Tuscany wedding venues are in no short supply, and we at The Wedding Travel Company adore helping soon-to-be-spouses arrange their perfect destination wedding at any one of these picturesque landscapes. 

Whether you’d like to marry barefoot on the beaches of La Paolina and Giannella or dance the night away in a private villa at Le Fontanelle, The Wedding Travel Company takes the stress of organisation off your shoulders, from hiring a wedding photographer to arranging accommodation for guests, so you can focus on what matters most – marrying the love of your life!

Explore our favourite Weddings in Tuscany venues below, or call our specialists.

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Your dedicated Tuscany wedding planner

Our Tuscan wedding experts will work alongside you to ensure your day goes smoothly. From sourcing the entertainment through to food & drink, floral arrangements and location, they’re on hand to advise the best choices for your style and budget. Take a look at our Tuscan wedding venues, shortlist a couple that you like the look of and then get in touch to begin tailoring that dream package, or simply choose one of our fabulous pre-made options!.

Celebrate Love in Italy with Our Tuscany Wedding Venues

At The Wedding Travel Company, we’re here to make your romantic celebrations extra special. For this reason, we have quite an impressive range of stunning wedding venues in Italy for you and your better half to choose from - and Tuscany will not disappoint. 

From quaint Medieval villages to dreamy Tuscan villas surrounded by olive groves, the beautiful venues on our roster cater to religious ceremonies, outdoor weddings, and civil ceremonies alike. Whatever the wedding you’ve been dreaming of, one of our talented wedding planners is sure to have just the place in mind for you. A place like one of the luxury venues listed below, perhaps? 

Romance Meets Rural at Tenuta Quadrifoglio

The perfect blend of modern comfort and traditional Tuscan countryside, Tenuta Quadrifoglio is the perfect wedding venue for any spouses-to-be who love a rustic aesthetic, carefully curated with tranquillity and functionality in mind. 

The best thing of all is that, even from the luxury of the sprawling Tuscan landscape, you can still access superfast Wi-Fi! Plus, outside Tenuta Quadrifoglio, you’ll find a sizable swimming pool to be enjoyed in the hot Italian afternoons. 

Located near some of the most important cultural hotspots in Tuscany – Firenze, Val d’ Orcia and San Gimignano, to name a few – Tenuta Quadrifoglio consists of a quaint, converted farmhouse and beautiful ancient manor. 

Combined, these renovated spaces have more than enough room to comfortably house all your friends and family! For the venue’s strong commitment to preserving the lovely, vibrant Tuscan style alone, your wedding photographs will be as stunning as the day itself. 

Create Unforgettable Memories at Castello il Palagio

Weddings are the only time that, for many of us, we get to ‘go big or go home’ with a romantic celebration! Whilst Tuscany’s Castello il Palagio certainly isn’t the venue for an intimate wedding, it is positively enchanting for spouses-to-be who crave a castle wedding with all their loved ones in a beautiful location. 

Located in the Chianti countryside and surrounded by picturesque vineyards and olive trees on all sides, Castello il Palagio was originally constructed in the 13th century under the ownership of the Canigiani family. Castello il Palagio has survived more than just the passage of time, but hundreds of raids over the years, and even World War II. 

Assuredly, this is a beautiful Medieval castle, with a gorgeous central courtyard, Guelph-style battlements, and careful interior restoration that speaks to hundreds of years of noble living and luxury. If grandiose architecture is something that you love, and you’d like to welcome married life with metaphorical (and real!) fireworks, this wedding venue is perfect for you. 

Go Back in Time with Historic Villa il Pozzo 

If Italy is known for anything – aside from its lengthy history, vibrant architecture, and pretty much everything else! – it’d be for its impressive number of stunning, historic villas. 

Villa il Pozzois one of these villas and stands as one of the most sought-after Tuscan estates we know. For weddings of a royal size and more intimate celebrations, Villa il Pozzo caters to it all with a unique, medieval charm.

Marry underneath ancient trees, have a banquet amongst a classic olive grove, or have a simple lunch with the love of your life on Villa il Pozzo’s threshing floor. 

Here, your ceremony can be both religious – taking place in the private chapel of San Lazzaro in Lucardo – or civil, in the equally Medieval Palazzo Pretorio in Certaldo.

Escape to the 13th Century with Castello di San Fabiano

Run back through time to the outrageously beautiful Castello di San Fabiano, a family-run castle near Siena. 

This 13th-century castle offers a simpler Tuscany wedding experience, where two spouses can enjoy each other’s company without any of the hustle and bustle of modernity. 

Owners of Castello di San Fabiano, the Florentini Family, are renowned for their kindness and good customer service. This is a wedding venue for partners who appreciate hand-crafted furnishings, stylish interiors, picturesque landscapes, and wonderful private gardens. 

The surrounding regions are just as beautiful for honeymooners, too, overflowing with UNESCO World Heritage sites and a great range of fun, hidden local hotspots. 

Fall in Love with the Dreamy Villa Le Fontanelle

Villa Le Fontanelle is nestled in the Tuscan hills, overlooking the wondrous skyline of Florence. This villa is really nothing less than dreamy, and you might find yourself falling in love with your future spouse all over again amidst a romantic backdrop of roses, a tiny lake, a chapel, and spindly oak trees. 

Having belonged to the infamous Medici family in years gone past, Villa Le Fontanelle has a mystical reputation for a reason – it is said you can easily lose yourself amongst the Italian gardens, stone walls, and stunning suites contained within. Who knows what you’ll find hidden in Le Fontanelle’s luscious landscapes!

From the Limonaia suite to the Tower suite and Fortress, the scope of accommodation available for you and your guests is charming, and Le Fontanelle’s exterior and interior aesthetic is sure to appeal to many different tastes.

Have a Night to Remember at Borgo Argiano

One of Tuscany’s more unique wedding venues, Borgo Argiano doubles as a popular wine resort, the ideal location for soon-to-be spouses who are connoisseurs of Italian wine, or who just like the atmosphere! 

As a luxury holiday resort, Borgio Argiano is a lovely hilltop hamlet that guarantees complete relaxation from the moment you step through its doors. Situated between hundreds of acres of forest in the Chianti Classico region, near Siena, the interior and exterior design of Borgio Argiano screams understated luxury – traditional stone and peaceful, creamy interiors that embody modern living are a real sight to behold. 

If you’d like to try the best of Italian cuisine and wine tasting and prefer walking holidays - there are countless acres of private Tuscan estate to explore - Borgio Argiano is the Tuscany wedding venue you must book for your upcoming nuptials. 

Planning Your Tuscany Wedding: Let Us Help You Say 'I Do' in the Heart of Tuscany

Ready to say ‘I Do’ amongst gorgeous, panoramic views of the Tuscan countryside? Let us at The Wedding Travel Company plan your Italian destination wedding alongside you, so you can have the wedding celebration that you’ve dreamed aboutwell, since forever! 

We organise every little detail, down to the table centrepieces and the seating arrangements – even if you’re hosting hundreds of guests! – and even allow future spouses to book up to three years in advance. With so much time to spare, our inclusive payment schedules also relieve the anxiety about affording your perfect wedding venue in the Italian countryside. 

Book your wedding with us, today. We simply love love, and look forward to hearing from you. 

Tuscany Wedding FAQs

Tuscany as a region in general is a little cheaper than other parts of Italy, such as Amalfi. Weddings in Tuscany follow suit. Owing to the simple rustic beauty of the region, you don’t need a whole lot other than food and drinks – the venue settings and views really are that spectacular! A wedding here tends to be more affordable than ones back home.

Tuscan wedding venues are all about their simplicity. There’s no need for glitz and glamour here – the hilltop settings looking out across rolling green countryside speak for themselves. Many Italian wedding venues, such as those in Positano, are situated on the coast, so a Tuscan wedding will feel a lot more rural in nature.

Our wedding packages in Tuscany include a dedicated UK based wedding planner with insider knowledge of the local area, together with a on-the-day coordinator to help keep things ticking along nicely during the main event.

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