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There are always a few questions that crop up and people need assistance with, so we have listed some of them with their answers below. If you question has still not been answered here then pick up the phone to one of our wedding specialists and they will be happy to help.

Depending on the type of passport you hold and the country you are travelling will depend on whether you need a visa, visa waiver, tourist card or nothing at all apart form a valid passport. We will do our best to assist you regarding visas but all customers are advised to check with the embassy of the country you are visiting for confirmed visa arrangements. Please be aware that acquiring visas are solely your responsibility so please be advised this is only advise we provide.
When travelling overseas on a British Citizen passport you need to make sure you have at least six months validity left on your passport after your date of return. For anybody that may be travelling on a different passport you are advised to check with the embassy. It is the responsibility of each individual travelling that they have checked they hold the correct passport and correct validity required for the country you are travelling to. We are only able to provide advise so please check with the relevant embassy if needed.
Every country has different requirements so we will advise you regarding the legalities depending on the country you choose to get married in. You may also be required to get paperwork signed by a solicitor before you travel so again we will advise you on the action you are required to take and what you need to take with you.
You must advise us if you have been married before. This is not a problem in most places all that is required is proof of either your divorce or bereavement. You may be required to get this paperwork from a solicitor before you travel so we will advise you if necessary. Failure to advise us and turn up without the relevant paperwork may result in your marriage being unable to take place.
Our weddings are recognised in the UK unless specified. In some countries like Spain a blessing or symbolic ceremony is performed as they are unable to do a legally binding ceremony unless you are a resident in Spain, the legal bit would need to be done in the UK.
We are always at the end of a phone but in most of the hotels or locations we offer we have specialist wedding coordinators there to assist you in making sure your day goes smoothly.
Depending on where you are getting married will depend on what extras we can arrange for you but we have made every effort to make sure we can add those extra items you will need to make your day special.

For Las Vegas

Getting married in Las Vegas is a lot easier than most people would imagine. Here at The Wedding Travel Company we do our best to take all the stress and worry of organising your wedding abroad of your hands. We do our best to make sure everything that can be done before you travel is complete so your time away is as smooth as possible.

If you are a British Passport holder you do not need a visa to get married in Las Vegas. You will need to obtain an ESTA which can be done online and costs approx. $14.00. If you do have any form of criminal record then you may be refused and ESTA and will need to obtain a full Visa which you will need to contact the embassy to complete. We recommend you allow plenty of time to get your visa. The website you will need to visit is https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/ Please be advised that we cannot be held responsible for any visa queries.
When getting married in Las Vegas you need a marriage license. As part of the service we offer we will arrange this for you so that your wedding is registered both in the UK and the state of Nevada. We will ask you to provide information approx. 5 weeks before your wedding date so that we can register you online with the county courthouse. Once we have completed your online registration we will be given a 6 digit reference number which we will add to your paperwork and send onto you.
As collecting your marriage license is a vital of your wedding most of the wedding venues we offer include the trip to the county courthouse to collect your license. If you don’t take this as part of your package then you can make the trip yourself. You can book a taxi at your hotel concierge to take you to the courthouse and they will even wait the short time it takes to obtain your license and bring you back to your hotel. There is a processing fee of $60.00 and the taxi will cost around $90.00.
You can get married in Las Vegas if you have been married before, When we complete your online pre marriage license information we will be asked if you have been married before and the details of when your divorce was finalised and which county court. You need to provide this information to us accurately so we can pass this on.
All you will need to do at the license bureau, is prove you are who you say you are and this can be simply done by showing your passport. You will also need to provide the 6 digit reference number given to you by us
We only use wedding venues which have 100% genuine ministers, who can not only officiate at the ceremony, but sign off the legal wedding certificate. This is then recorded at the license bureau, and in turn, registered back here in the UK. The wedding is recognised around the world as if you were married in the UK. You do not have to do anything upon your return.
There are no restrictions on how long you must be in Las Vegas before getting married If your question has not been answered here please feel free to speak with your wedding specialist directly or contact our administration team on 01708 411127