The Wedding Flowers of the World

The magic of getting married abroad is that each and every country has a whole different set of wedding traditions. From wearing crowns to deflect evil spirits in Norway to shaving the groom in Greece, everywhere has its own nuptial quirks and customs that make planning a destination wedding such an exciting prospect.

But what about the way that wedding flower traditions vary across the world? It’s important to be aware of the various floral customs in the country that you’re planning to hold your wedding in. This is so you can pay tribute to the local traditions, as well as feel immersed in the culture of the country that you’re tying the knot in. So without further ado, here are the wedding flower traditions from a selection of some of our most popular wedding destinations.


We’ll admit it, everything about an Italian wedding is just that little bit more romantic than many other places. This applies even to the bride and groom’s wedding car, which in Italy is often covered in fresh blooms, making for a colourful entrance and exit. The flowers utilised depend on the time of season. An Italian Spring wedding could see the beauty of cherry blossom, daffodils, heather, orchids and peonies making an appearance. In summertime, it’s all about chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, lavender and lilies. And if you choose to visit Italy for your wedding in the Autumn or Winter, celebrate the rustic shades of the season with iris, lilac and amaryllis.


Flowers have many meanings throughout Greece’s array of myths and legends. Embrace the colours from the stories of Greek goddesses and bring your celebration to life with five different wedding flowers - roses, lilies, irises, violets and larkspurs.

Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, is said to have created the rose from her tears, so it is only appropriate to include these in your Greek wedding bouquet. 

The goddess of marriage Hera is said to have created the lily flower, to symbolise purity and refined beauty. Go with the orange variety to evoke feelings of passion. 

The flower Iris speaks for itself, as this also happens to be the name of another Greek goddess. 

The multicoloured flowers were named to honour the so-called Rainbow Goddess. 

Violets are a beautiful Spring flower that work perfectly as part of a bridal bouquet, as a centrepiece or to decorate your wedding cake. They are connected to the Greek god Zeus.

And finally, the wild and rustic looking Larkspur flower was rumoured to have been created from the blood of the mythological hero Ajax.


Wedding flowers in Mexico are all about vibrant bursts of colour, often featuring flourishes of bright oranges, deep reds and brilliant purples. There is plenty of inspiration out there for couples looking to get married in Mexico. In traditional weddings here, the bride will sometimes carry two bouquets - one for herself and one to honour the Virgin Mary. This is by no means obligatory, but plenty of colour most certainly is.


With orange trees in abundance throughout Spain, particularly of course in Seville, it’s no surprise that orange blossom is the traditional wedding flower in Spain. Orange blossom represents joy and happiness for newly married couples in Spain, as well as also symbolising fertility. These beautiful looking, gorgeously scented flowers will bring your Spanish wedding to traditional life. 


The lush and tropical surroundings of the Caribbean are a fertile breeding ground for some of the world’s most beautiful flowers. Orchids, lilies, hibiscus and plumeria are just several examples of Caribbean wedding flower that will create a traditional look at your ceremony. Not only will your native Caribbean flowers look amazing, but they’ll fill the air with the sweet aromas of the islands.

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