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Weddings in Lake Garda live up to your wildest expectations, with an experience for every taste. With picturesque resort towns tucked around every corner, lavish lakeside beaches that invite you to let your worries wash away and views that you will remember for a lifetime, it is perfect for laid-back luxury lovers. 

Or if you prefer your wedding day to be in a place of adventure and exploration, then there are countless world-class restaurants and bars, watersports, cycling and hiking opportunities here, plus more activities to get your heart racing almost as much as the moment you say ‘I do’. We pride ourselves in finding the most special venues for destination weddings in Italy that will make your day as perfect as it can be.

Fall in Love with Lake Garda Weddings

Lake Garda itself is a picturesque location in the heart of Northern Italy, closely surrounded by the foothills of the Alps. With crystal-clear waters and sweet olive groves, the Italian lakes make for a beautiful backdrop for your wedding.

Lake Como weddings offer their own charm, but Garda is a wonderful location choice due to its abundance of restaurants, ceremony venues and even real-life fairytale castles, to host your big day…

So if you yearn for an Italian wedding ceremony with panoramic views of Italy’s most beautiful landscapes, you’re guaranteed to fall as madly in love with our diverse Lake Garda wedding venues as you have with your future spouse. 

Let’s dive into some of our most popular wedding venues in Lake Garda.

Malcesine Castle Wedding

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Torri del Benaco Wedding

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Gardone Wedding

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A Fairytale Wedding Venue: Malcesine Castle

Have you ever dreamt of an enchanting fairytale wedding set in a Medieval castle? Malcesine Castle might be the perfect Lake Garda wedding venue for you! 

A beautifully preserved 13th-century Medieval fortress, Malcesine Castle has the charming characteristics you’d expect of a historical castle, and much more. Ancient stone walls, an intimate inner courtyard, and a romantic air make it a completely unforgettable setting for your wedding. Importantly, Malcesine Castle is an appropriate venue for weddings in Lake Garda all year round, boasting a range of stunning indoor and outdoor locations to match your mood. 

Discover the Opulence of Malcesine Castle

Imagine saying your vows in a luxe ceremony room, followed by champagne and 360-degree views of Lake Garda, on the Rivellino platform at the top of the castle tower. Many historical features remain intact throughout the castle’s reception rooms, and the views are framed by the town and mountains of Malcesine. 

Children are also welcome throughout Malcesine Castle, so you can have the bustling wedding ceremony with family that you’ve always hoped for! If you want to have an elegant wedding ceremony at Malcesine Castle, then an upscale reception at Hotel Europa or the lakeside Ristorante Treccani afterwards, you’re within easy reach.

Weddings in Lake Garda Make Beautiful Memories Forever

At The Wedding Travel Company, we understand that your wedding is a special moment that can’t be replicated. At Malcesine Castle, your wedding photographers will find a surplus of sweet courtyards, lush gardens and picturesque lakeside views that ensure the memories of your Lake Garda wedding will be forever beautiful.

A Rustic Setting for Your Magical Day: Torri Del Benaco

Very few wedding venues can compare to the rustic beauty and fun-filled excitement of a Torri del Benaco wedding. If a vibrant lakeside wedding set in the rustic landscapes and organic majesty of Italy is your lifelong dream, then the quaint town of Torri del Benaco is a rare gem. Book your venue up to three years in advance and breathe easy with thorough planning of the most minute details taken care of by a member of the Wedding Travel Company team.

Spoiled For Choice of Venues

As a charming town sprawled across Lake Garda’s eastern shore, there are countless aspects to Torri Del Benaco that make it a unique location for your wedding ceremony. First and foremost, there are several versatile ceremony options for you to choose from! 

Book your wedding ceremony at Torri del Benaco Castle itself, where you can have an intimate wedding inside the Castle tower, which has stood sentry over Torri del Benaco for hundreds of years. 

The Lakeside Gem with Everything You Need

Torri del Benaco is flush with a range of local amenities, which makes hosting a ceremony and reception much easier! Nearby florists, photographers and caterers have glowing reputations in their own right, and are suppliers that team members at The Wedding Travel Company often coordinate with.

Talking of hosting a glittering reception, there are some sites near to the Torri del Benaco ceremony locations that are worth your attention. 

A Romantic Setting for the Ages

One of our most romantic reception venues is Le Gemme di Artemisia – a cosy restaurant situated in the hamlet of Albisano, where you can actually stand beneath Juliet’s balcony at the historical home supposed to have belonged to the star-crossed lover made famous by Shakespeare! Up to 40 guests can be catered for here. Alternatively, choose the Tenuta Cipressi e Olivi, a garden restaurant with authentic Italian décor, softly lit by dozens of candles, and complete with indoor and outdoor seating.

With so many options for your ceremony and reception, we’re happy to talk the details through, to help you plan your perfect venue and itinerary for your wedding in Lake Garda. Whatever your food preferences, party size, or whether you’d like to be indoors or outdoors – the team at The Wedding Travel Company can make your vision a reality at Torri del Benaco.

A Dreamy Spot on Garda’s Eastern Shores: Gardone Town 

At The Wedding Travel Company, we know a lot about planning different types of wedding ceremonies. If you’d like a shoreline wedding with a bit of a twist, dreamy Gardone Town is the perfect spot for you.

Gardone Town is quintessentially Italian with a mild climate, rich history, gorgeous architecture, and a passion for mouthwatering cuisine – all of these wonderful qualities combine to make the perfect wedding destination and honeymooning spot.

There are many reasons why a Gardone Town wedding would exceed all of your expectations, but most of all, we recommend the distinctive wedding venues to be found here. 

Town Hall Bells Chime for Your Big Day

If you want a more low-key wedding venue with all the historical charm of a traditional Italian town, we recommend the still-beautiful Gardone Town Hall. 

Gardone Town Hall was once the bustling hub of Gardone Town, and retains much of its significance today! A bright, terracotta-coloured building with large windows and a classic interior, surrounded by verdant gardens and blooming flowers, what better place is there to start your married life? The Town Hall is a stone's throw away from the loveliness of Lake Garda too, so once your vows have been exchanged, you can take a romantic stroll across the sandy shores. We also recommend trying some of the local wines to celebrate your big day, as plenty of lush vineyards surround Gardone Town with a selection of the finest wines in Italy

With space enough for up to 40 guests, Gardone Town Hall offers you the ideal blend of an intimate wedding venue with all the amenities you’d expect from a grandiose event space – white marble staircase and painted wood ceilings included!

Enchanting Italian Receptions

Of course, there’s more to a good wedding ceremony than the initial venue. Your reception is also important! Fortunately, Gardone Town provides a similarly impressive range of reception venues to accommodate your guests after the ceremony. Our personal favourites are the quaint restaurant Torre San Marco and Osteria Antico Brolo. 

At Torre San Marco, you can look across the rolling waters of Lake Garda, surrounded by ambient light, and a range of sophisticated indoor and outdoor seating areas. A large number of wedding guests can be accommodated, if you want a more private ceremony but a bustling after-party! 

Not only are you served the finest Italian-style dining options, but you can enjoy the excitement of a sizeable piano bar and disco, alongside an elegant restaurant and winery. Torre San Marco has multiple floors to fit all of these great amenities! For guests who prefer to dine outdoors, Torre San Marco’s garden restaurant can provide a marquee that shelters up to 250 people.

Sample the Flavours of the Italian Countryside

Osteria Antico Brolo is a restaurant and boutique hotel also near to the blue, shimmering waters of Lake Garda. At Osteria Antico Brolo, renowned chefs Enrico and Marcello cook up the greatest Italian dishes using local, certifiably organic produce. You can even order your own traditional Italian wedding cake! Expect a wonderful rustic interior filled with beautiful décor, authentic wooden arch doors, abundant ivy and candlelight. Osteria Antico Brolo is actually an old house built around the 1700s, and retains the historical charm that has guaranteed its preservation for so long.

Celebrate under Italian Skies

Are you ready to celebrate your wedding reception under Italian skies, in the arms of your new spouse? We personally recommend these outdoor venues – the pretty Paradiso Perduta, and the Tenuta Cipressi e Olivi. 

Nestled just below the protective walls of Malcesine Castle, Paradiso Perduta provides spouses-to-be with a range of open-air seating options if you’d like to celebrate your wedding in the warm and picturesque Italian outdoors. You can relax – or party! – on the cobbled streets that distinguish this area, and sip your glass of wine as you overlook Lake Garda. Rest assured, your view of Lake Garda shall be beautiful and unhampered from Paradiso Perduta, which is an idyllic reception venue that truly lives up to its name! 

Al Fresco Elegance 

Similarly, at the elegant restaurant of Tenuta Cipressi e Olivi, you can party under the stars, experience the wonders of rural Italian groves firsthand, and enjoy the simple pleasure of being married amongst nature. 

Cavaion Veronese is a small, intimate Italian town, and Tenuta Cipressi e Olivi only hosts one wedding in its manicured gardens and plush seating areas per day, so you have the entire location to enjoy. Indeed, there are plenty of romantic, outdoor seating options for dining and celebration to pick from, so you, your spouse and your guests will be spoilt for choice.

Feast on Authentic Italian Food

The best part about a destination wedding in Italy is the fact you can dine on delicious Italian cuisine until you pop! Pizzeria del Porto is a great destination for scrumptious wedding catering, particularly if you like the Italian classics. Homemade pizzas, succulent dishes, Italian flavourings and handpicked local produce make Pizzeria del Porto a must, and the perfect addition to a family-friendly wedding celebration. 

If you’d like to eat your wedding breakfast on a spacious terrace with panoramic views of Lake Garda, we advocate for the Al Veliero. The Al Veliero is a bright restaurant with large windows, with an impressive choice of local dishes, like freshly caught lake fish, homemade desserts, and various seafood dishes. As an extra special touch, you can also take advantage of motorboat excursions provided before or after your meal, so you can traverse the lake or even enter your reception in style!

Both of these venues provide great options for people for whom great food is an important factor in their wedding, and we can’t rate them highly enough.

Lake Garda Weddings, Right on the Waterfront

To complement your choice of restaurants and reception venues, there is also no shortage of waterfront wedding ceremony venues that are perfect for both religious or symbolic weddings. Malcesine Castle and Torri del Benaco Castle are timeless options for weddings in Lake Garda.

Both have a shared history as a Medieval fortress, dating back hundreds of years. Both are also directly located on the waterfront of Lake Garda, the greatest location for unforgettable wedding photographs.

Let’s plan your perfect shoreside wedding

Celebrate your wedding the right way with The Wedding Travel Company, where our Italian destination weddings are renowned amongst our clients for good reason. From start to finish, we plan your dream wedding on your behalf, so you and your spouse can focus on what matters most – celebrating your love! Make your booking with us in advance, today.


Lake Garda FAQs

Civil ceremony weddings are recognised in the UK and are legally binding. These wedding ceremonies will be approximately 20 minutes, filled with enrichment and personalisation. Ceremonies will be performed in the town or venues with a town hall permit, such as terraces, villas or castles. Legally they have to be conducted in Italian, and an interpreter must be present if both you and your spouse are not fluent in Italian. We will gladly take care of all the bits in between and arrange an interpreter when you book with us.

You will need to be in your town alongside Lake Garda 2 - 3 days prior to your wedding day. This is to ensure all documents have been signed and everything is ready to go. Contact us today to find out how we can help smooth over any messy paperwork processes so you can focus on enjoying your big day.

Your Lake Garda wedding can take place outside. This will depend on the weather and the location of the venue, but owing to the fact that all of our Italian weddings taking place in the sunniest locations, plus having the option to secure a date in advance, we can give you the best odds of having the perfect weather for your outdoor wedding ceremony.

Same sex couples can get married in Italy and enjoy the same protections as opposite-sex couples since the 5th June 2016. This means your wedding will be legally binding and recognised in the UK. Check out more of our same sex weddings or contact us to book a Lake Garda wedding today!