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Got your heart set on a Lake Como wedding? Known for breathtaking views, set against the foothills of the Alps, this charming city is the perfect setting for an Italian destination wedding.

Lake Como - otherwise known as Lario - lies in northern Italy’s Lombardy region. It measures 146 square kilometres (56 square miles) in total, making it among the Mediterranean country’s largest lakes.

A slightly quieter, off-the-beaten-track version of neighbouring Lake Garda, Lake Como has been a highly popular choice of wedding destination for many years.

Surrounded by beautiful mountains, the sparkling blue waters of Lake Como are truly a sight to marvel at - especially in the midst of an Italian summer. Picturesque, colourful towns and villages are dotted around the shoreline, which is home to a number of idyllic churches, squares, and cobbled streets.

Take a dip in the peaceful waters at Bellagio before tying the knot in a castle overlooking the lake, or sit down to a delicious wedding breakfast while looking out across the mountains. With a Lake Como wedding, the choice is yours!

So, if you’re looking to exchange vows in Italy, with Lake Como topping your list, do get in touch. As the leading destination wedding specialists, we can talk you through the range of Lake Como wedding venues available to choose from. 

Here is a closer look at the magical settings on offer…

Explore our favourite Lake Como Wedding Venues venues below, or call our specialists.

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Your Lake Como Wedding: Where Luxury and Love Meet

Think of Lake Como, and you could easily think of glamour. That would be understandable when you consider the area’s magnetic appeal to classy couples.

The celebrity lovebirds to have wed here include “All of Me” singer John Legend and model Chrissy Teigen, as well as Hollywood stars Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. 

Lonely Planet has hailed Lake Como as “the most ‘James Bond’ of the Italian lakes, where shiny red Ferraris weave through narrow lakeside towns”.

Fittingly, the Lake Como area has featured in a number of notable films. Those include - ahem - the 2006 Bond adventure Casino Royale, while scenes of 2002’s Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones were also filmed close to these lovely shores.

As many couples who have married at Lake Como will know, it certainly lives up to its luxury image. The local attractions here for wedding attendees include wine tasting, boat tours, and Michelin-starred restaurants.

As the location for your own wedding, Lake Como spoils you for choice - take your pick from a selection of private villas and embrace unforgettable celebrations with your other half. Plus, the climate isn’t half bad - with the best months typically being May and June, where the surrounding nature is in full bloom.

A Unique Wedding Venue: Lake Como Boat Museum

The Lake Como area has long been an object of fascination to historians - and, unsurprisingly so, given that historical figures including Winston Churchill and Napoleon Bonaparte have spent time there

One high-profile historian to have visited the lake in recent years is Bettany Hughes, who was in the Lake Como area to film part of her travel documentary series From Paris to Rome. 

One takeaway from all of this is that, if you are history buffs planning your wedding, exchanging your vows with Lake Como in the background could be particularly thrilling. 

And which venue for the wedding reception? Try the Larian Boat Museum, a 19th-century textile mill that today contains more than 500 vintage boats and nautical objects.

This picturesque building has otherwise been referred to as the Lake Como Boat Museum, and certainly provides something different to a standard wedding venue. 

If you’re looking to make the most of your history-themed nuptials, chat to one of our experienced wedding planners who will be happy to help.

Say “I Do” in the Heart of Bellagio: Bellagio Town Hall

For your Lake Como wedding, there are numerous pretty towns to choose from. However, arguably one of the best lakeside towns for such events is Bellagio, which is well supplied with shops and hotels. 

It is also home to Bellagio Town Hall, which can also be booked for civil marriage ceremonies with our assistance

If you like the idea of this for your bespoke Italian wedding, you could opt to have your ceremony either in the Council chamber beside Bellagio Town Hall itself or in a small garden at the building's entrance. 

Either way, you’ll be able to soak up a wonderfully romantic atmosphere - not only at the wedding itself, but with the many activities that can add to your day. For example, perhaps a cruise along Lake Como’s beautiful waters would make the day more magical? Or maybe a walking tour of the city for friends and family? We work with some of Lake Como’s best wedding venues and will oversee all the heavy lifting (including professional photography) for a day to remember.

Then, after the wedding? The town - or comune, to use a word more specific to Italy - also has plenty of venues you could choose from for your wedding reception.

Beachfront Elegance: Weddings at Lido di Bellagio

Are you excited about the prospect of being able to see Italian gardens during your romantic getaway? 

There’s no prettier weddings than those in Lido di Bellagio - as this venue is located near Villa Melzi Gardens and allows music to be played until 4am. 

You, your spouse-to-be, and your guests may even be pleasantly surprised by how easy Lido di Bellagio is to get to, given its physical proximity to Bellagio's historical centre.

The venue Itself takes stylistic cues from as far back as the 1930s - and, if you fancy throwing a wedding party at Lido di Bellagio, you can arrange for part of it to be reserved exclusively.

Overall, Lido di Bellagio has enough space for a hundred wedding guests at a time. What’s more, the onsite amenities include a beach space along with a panoramic terrace. 

Stunning Views and Impeccable Service: Villa Lario Resort

Imagine being able to have a beautiful villa all to yourself and, of course, your partner (as well as a bevy of guests) on your wedding day. With our help, you could make that dream a reality.

That's because our wedding planning business has ties with the Villa Lario Resort, a 5-star historical residence - and beautiful destination wedding venue - set in a private park spanning more than 10,000 square metres. 

The sheer variety of this venue is not to be underestimated. Just a quick glimpse to give you an idea:

  • Two private boat docks
  • Private heliport 
  • Dancing can be arranged in natural caves
  • 7 luxury suites and a stunning veranda for 110 guests

If you love swimming, there will be plenty of opportunities for you both before and after getting married here. Villa Lario Resort has its own swimming pool and will also provide you with access to two private beaches. 

You can expect the wedding reception to be a lot of fun. You would be able to walk across the reception room's Venetian flooring before heading out onto a terrace overlooking Lake Como, bringing you awe-inspiring views.

Another attraction of choosing Villa Lario Resort is its top chef, giving you and your guests mouth-watering cuisine that’ll keep festivities high well into the night.

And on that note…

Rustic Charm and Authentic Italian Cuisine: Agriturismo Tre Terre

Lake Como’s Agriturismo Tre Terre has a well-deserved seat as one of Italy’s greatest destination wedding venues - not least due to the endearingly down-to-earth feel of the guest accommodation, which is situated in a farmhouse. 

That accommodation can sleep as many as 26 people, providing plenty of room for a party of close friends and relatives eager to join you for your big day. They will be able to enjoy a wide range of delicious food - we’re talking a menu of succulent meats, the fresh catches of the day, and home-cooked vegetarian cuisine. Simply delightful.

Overall, this aesthetically pleasing venue is set amidst 30 acres of woodland and beautiful hilly surroundings. This is a valuable source of organic produce for restaurant dishes served under Agriturismo Tre Terre’s roof. 

All of this helps to make the venue a particularly fitting backdrop for a wedding party, just perfect for foodies in particular to attend. 

A Fairytale Setting: Villa Cipressi Weddings on Lake Como

Now here’s something special for those looking to be truly enchanted. Lake Como’s Villa Cipressi is a charming wedding venue if you’re going for a fully themed wedding - think Disney princess - or simply are looking to host a luxury wedding in a fairytale setting.

This 5-star hotel can host both civil and symbolic weddings. It includes all of the following amenities for couples to enjoy:

  • Botanical gardens 
  • Outside terraces 
  • Internal frescoed rooms 
  • Enchanting views of Lake Como

On the wedding day itself, you can even journey to Villa Cipressi by boat - with the boat stopping at a mooring point conveniently close to the building. 

With the weather on your side, we know that boat rides make for some of the best wedding photos. That's why, when you choose a Villa Cipressi wedding package from us, you’ll also benefit from a professional photographer. 

With a Villa Cipressi wedding, you’ll also be situated in the beautiful town of Varenna. It’s home to a feast of Instagrammable attractions - think traditional Italian-style restaurants, picturesque streets, and panoramic views of the mountain peaks.

Having designed many Lake Como weddings, we’ve plenty of ideas for how to customise your special day. If you are looking for some fresh inspiration - be it for the wedding day itself or your honeymoon - contact our wedding planning experts today

How Can We Make Your Lake Como Wedding a Dream Come True?

Of course, no two Lake Como weddings are entirely alike - and we will take this into account when curating your ceremony. 

Wedding planning has a reputation for being stressful, but with us you needn’t worry at all! You can book a Lake Como wedding up to three years in advance. We also offer our clients payment schedules that would make it appreciably easier for them to fund Lake Como weddings. 

Keep in mind that a cut-price wedding doesn't have to be a cut-quality one. There are many destination wedding types that we can assist our clients in arranging, including budget weddings, where quality remains at the forefront.

Booking Your Lake Como Wedding with Us

Whether you want a civil or symbolic ceremony, you can make your initial enquiry with us by selecting the venue that most appeals to you or filling out our enquiry form.

You’ll receive a callback from one of our specialist wedding planning consultants to discuss your needs - whether that is anything from a cocktail hour to a historic hotel. 

Leave us to organise every fine detail or instead opt for a more collaborative relationship with us, where we just handle certain aspects of planning your wedding and let you deal with the rest. The choice is yours!

We can cater to any budget with the Lake Como weddings we plan - and, as we get underway with that planning, are able to work with different venues and vendors, allowing us to cherry-pick the right elements for your big day. 

All in all, we can take on as much of the groundwork necessary for you to be able to look forward to that extra-special moment of saying "I do" to your significant other at a stunning venue near Lake Como.

Lake Como Wedding FAQs

Lake Como weddings aren’t the cheapest in Europe, however with a little forward planning you can have the ceremony of your dreams for less than you think. By sending venues blocks of bookings, we are able to bring the costs down and pass the savings onto couples. Our flexible payment plans help spread the cost of your Lake Como wedding. A typical wedding ceremony here starts at around £2500, with food, drinks and entertainment being extra. Of course, the cost of your Lake Como wedding will depend on how many guests you invite - the less you bring along, the cheaper it is.

If you want to avoid crowds and enjoy mild weather, the best times of year to get married in Lake Como are either May or September. Summers here are warm and pleasant, sitting at around 25 degrees on average. Tie the knot on Lake Como in Spring and you’ll be treated to a colourful display of flowers such as azaleas, wisteria and bougainvillea. Contact us to find out more about the best times of year for a Lake Como wedding.
John Legend and Chrissy Teigen got married on Lake Como in 2013, with Emily Blunt and John Krasinski starting the trend three years earlier. George Clooney also owns a villa on Lake Como. Drop us a line to find out why Lake Como is so popular as a wedding destination for the movers and shakers of this world.

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