Las Vegas is Named to be Most Popular Place to Elope

Vegas: Parties, Desert and the Perfect Place to Elope

Is there anything more exciting than a wedding? How about that secret escape you always dreamed of? What about a combination of the two. 
Getting eloped is becoming more and more popular, and it’s easy to see why the thrilling tale of how you both disappeared together to commit your vows to one another is becoming a favourite for many. 
And where is the best place to elope? Vegas, of course. So why is eloping becoming so popular, and especially in Las Vegas? Well, from city days that seamlessly blend into the luminescent night, to the striking views of the extensive desert, to non-stop celebrations, eloping in Las Vegas has it all. Furthermore, a wedding in this party city even with all its glamour and excitement can be cheaper than your traditional wedding. 

Just How Popular is Eloping in Vegas?

Weddings in Vegas are booming right now, with marriages filed up by almost 30 percent compared to June of 2019. When it comes to elopement, we found that people mention Vegas more than every other place combined. Vegas came out with a total of 243 out of 472 of the total mentions of places to elope! Not only this, but by tagged countries the USA (for our research this counts solely for Las Vegas) appeared almost 3 times as much as every other country combined at 73.8%. Our studies have also shown that over the month of June, Instagram was the most popular social media when it comes to showing off your now not so secret marriage. It accounts for 33 percent of our mentions, with Pinterest and peoples own personal blogs following after with 11 percent each.

If you’re looking for a few extra likes when posting your own photos, be sure to use the hashtags #lasvegaselopement and #lasvegaswedding, as these were mentioned 163 and 149 times respectively last month alone! It’s really no surprise that our research shows ‘Elopement in Vegas’ (642 total mentions) appears almost 50% more than people mentioning ‘Eloping’ and ‘Weddings abroad’ (424 total mentions) when talking about it online. So if you’re looking for tips for eloping in Vegas, be sure to check out those socials to get a first taster before our very own advisors can help you book your wedding.

Eloping in Vegas, Not Just for Celebrities

Now whether overlooking the valley of fire, as you add a flame to those vital words to ignite your vows, or having a short and sweet ceremony to remember in a pink Cadillac, there’s no correct way of how to elope in Vegas. 
Weddings span from cheerful drive-thru weddings, to luxurious hotels, to embracing nature out in the vast open desert. But I suppose the real question you’re asking though is ‘how much is it to elope in Vegas?’ And the truth is, Vegas is the perfect place to elope for a low cost, leaving more cash for your well-earned celebration. 
Not only are the venues an amazing price per person, eloping means you can wed with just the two of you or a special few of your nearest and dearest, saving you more than inviting every distant relative to a traditional wedding! Las Vegas is the perfect place, with a wide variety of weddings at affordable prices, with somewhere always on hand and our friendly team at the ready, we could book your wedding almost as quick as you say ‘I do’. Be ready to become like Sophie Belinda and Joe Jonas, finding your perfect place for union here. Or maybe it’s your turn to be like Britney Spears, Joan Collins or even Frank Sinatra in the Little White Chapel. Wherever you choose, you can’t go wrong eloping in Vegas.

Tailored to Your Dreams for Under £4000

If elopement to you means mainly finding that escape together, but you still want the full package of the beautiful ceremony, the decorative cake and awe-inspiring dress, then no worries! Our specialised team can put together a full package down to every detail you desire. And better yet, since we know some of the best people in the industry, there are plenty of packages to get hitched for under £4000. We have a team of experts on hand waiting to piece together the puzzle of your secret getaway. All of our packages are ABTA Bonded and hold an ATOL license, meaning that you are financially protected when booking services through us including accommodation, flights and transfers. Are you ready to make that dream happen today?