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Wedding in the Bahamas

The Bahamas, a jewel of the Caribbean, providing unbelievable backdrops of white sand bars surrounded by the bluest water you can imagine. A chain of over 700 islands, a stunning constellation of sparkling turquoise waters and powder white sand. With exciting unique experiences, there’s plenty to do and entertainment. Rum tasting, street carnivals, marching flamingos and beautiful coral reefs are just the start of the magic you’ll experience here. There couldn’t be more for your friends and family to do when they come out to join you for your nuptials.

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What To Expect From your Bahamas Wedding Package

The Bahamas offers a picturesque location for any weddings. Picture an intimate wedding on a sandbar, with miles of ocean around you. You can hold an intimate ceremony with your friends and family, or just the two of you, then island hop for a romantic honeymoon too. The luxurious resorts host many attractive venues and great wedding packages. Our selection of properties offer a range of packages to cater to size, budget, and taste. From small boutiques to well-known all-inclusive resorts, there's something for everyone. Packages range from simplicity to grand affairs. Choose your package to suit your needs, whether it be an intimate ceremony for 2 with a private romantic dinner, a gathering of 10 with an elegant beachfront dinner and bouquets and photography, to a larger party with a photobooth, dance floor, rooftop cocktail and starlight reception, with a romantic video of your ceremony. For our current Bahamian properties, you’ll be holding your wedding events in the resort, and will have an experienced wedding coordinator helping you every step of the way.

Legalities, Requirements, & Same-Sex Weddings

For a symbolic in the Bahamas, you need to arrive 2 business days before your ceremony, 3 days for a legal ceremony, and your arrival day counts as day 0. If arriving on Friday, you can be married on the following Wednesday. To apply for your legal licence both parties must have arrived a full 24 hours before submitting the application, you must be in The Bahamas when making the application, and the license can take up to 48 hours to come through.


Your legal fees, such as the notary and translation costs are not included in your wedding package, however some resorts will include the services of a judge or minister in their more comprehensive packages. Legal fees in The Bahamas are very affordable. Your dedicated in-resort wedding coordinator will help you with the legal arrangements. After your ceremony, you will be sent your notarised and translated marriage license to your home address. This can take 8 – 12 weeks to come through.


In The Bahamas same-sex marriages are not allowed. This means resorts are not able to hold symbolic, nor legal ceremonies. If you're looking for a legal same-sex wedding in the Caribbean, Mexico would be the best choice, followed by Costa Rica. Symbolic ceremonies are also available in the Dominican Republic in selected resorts. 

Group Bookings

A selection of resorts will offer you and your party a form of group benefits. This can range from free rooms and room upgrades, extra events for your wedding, or even credit towards your wedding. A selection of resorts will do this for you, without any need for a group booking deposit, or everybody needing to book at the same time. It’s easy and convenient for you and your friends and family. If you’re looking to launch your own wedding website, we can offer you a selection of prices and special offer details to share. To receive these benefits, you’ll often need to avoid certain dates as usually Easter and Christmas week would be excluded, and you and your guests need to be booked through the same company.


Speak to a member of our team about your party size and needs and they can advise what’s best for your wedding.

Getting Here & Getting About

Getting to The Bahamas is simple with multiple direct flights a week out of both London Heathrow & London Gatwick. You’ll often fly out in the daytime and fly back to the UK on an overnight flight.

From the UK, you’ll be flying into Nassau, the Bahamas capital city, and then taking inter island flights and transport to other islands as needed.


The Bahamas is made up of 16 beautiful islands, each with their own atmosphere and history. We highlight both Nassau Paradise Island, home to many renowned resorts including the set location for James Bond’s Casino Royal, as well as Exuma Island, known for the cheeky and sweet pigs we all secretly want to swim and play with.


Most resorts in The Bahamas offer the all-inclusive experience with all the entertainment and activities you’d need. The destination is known for it’s turquoise waters and white sand, as well as it’s fantastic music and dance culture, and delicious cuisine.

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