5 Great Reasons to Work with a Cyprus Wedding Planner

Considering a wedding planner in Cyprus? You’re in the right place! With beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters, Cyprus weddings are growing in popularity amongst couples looking to elevate their big day to a sun-kissed standard. 

Tying the knot abroad requires the expert handling of a wedding planner to ensure your celebration runs as smoothly as possible. Read on to find out more about the reasons why you should work with a wedding planner in Cyprus. 

5 key reasons why couples are choosing Cyprus wedding planners

1. Take advantage of that local Cypriot knowledge

Cyprus wedding planners know everything there is to know about this beautiful island. From having access to the most exclusive deals between venues to intimately knowing the best locations to tie the knot, a good wedding planner in Cyprus provides you with invaluable expertise and local knowledge to ensure a perfect wedding. 

Their recommendations for the best vendors, venues and unique locations for ceremonies and receptions are invaluable. You might have never known about them without your planner’s help! From arranging a marriage in the quaint Town Hall or on the stunning Asterias Beach, the options a wedding planner in Cyprus can provide are endless. 

Navigating the local culture, traditions and legal requirements can be difficult alone. For example, you must be a resident in Cyprus for a minimum of 3 clear working days before marrying and have all your documentation prepared in advance. 

2. Totally stress-free wedding planning service, from start to finish 

Planning your wedding can be immeasurably stressful without a helping hand. Investing in a good wedding planner in Cyprus benefits you because of how convenient this service is. Professional wedding planners handle all the minute details of your dream wedding on your behalf. 

From booking venues to coordinating vendors, and liaising with florists, wedding decorators and caterers, you won’t have to lift a finger! 

By leaving the complex logistics in the hands of your planner, they can alleviate the typical wedding stresses and save you time so you can focus on what matters most: celebrating your love with your spouse-to-be and enjoying a beautiful day in a gorgeous destination. 

3. Plan the Cypriot wedding of your dreams with our customisable packages

Hosting your dream wedding abroad in the sunny landscapes of Paphos or Ayia Napa is easier than ever before. At The Wedding Travel Company, we offer our clients a number of customised packages to create a perfect Cypriot wedding, tailored to their unique preferences. 

Every spouse-to-be is different. Our Cyprus wedding planners know this well! We can incorporate meaningful personal touches and elements that speak to your relationship into the wedding ceremony and reception. For example, floral arrangements of the first flowers exchanged between you and your spouse, or important cultural touchstones like – for example, in Cyprus, the placing of a stefana (ceremonial headband) on the bride and groom to symbolise God’s blessings. 

It's important that a wedding reflects a couple’s personality and style. After all, weddings are a celebration of the couple’s love and life spent together! Every wedding should and must be unique as a result.

4. Got a strict-ish budget? Benefit from cost savings and deals

Cyprus wedding planners are more cost effective than you might think!

With a vast network of connections to venues and vendors, they can negotiate reasonable discounts and help you stick to a budget, no matter how strict it may be. 

For a budget destination wedding, here are some top picks from a mix of locations and venue types:

Leverage their established relationships with vendors

For better deals on catering, décor and more, wedding planners can use their established relationships with vendors to secure better discounts, or sometimes even extra services at no cost. 

Suggest off-peak seasons and days for marriage

November to April is an off-peak season for tourism in Cyprus, which may mean a cheaper destination wedding for you and your spouse. Lower demand amongst venues generally leads to lower prices, and wedding planners can monitor these trends closely, suggesting the best time to marry according to budget. 

Seek out all-inclusive packages at venues

Also related to their close relationships in the industry, Cyprus wedding planners can seek out all-inclusive packages at venues to save you money on wedding costs. For example, multiple services – like décor and entertainment – can be booked in bulk for a cheaper price.

Advice on rentals and borrowing for décor 

On strict budgets, wedding planners can also advise on the renting of important – yet often overlooked! – wedding items like the table linens, centrepieces, and even the chairs at a reception. This can save thousands on single-use items that may never see use after a wedding, maximising your wedding budget.

5. And, of course, on-the-day wedding coordinators

The job of wedding planners doesn’t stop when the venue is booked! They’ll be there for you as on-the-day wedding coordinators too, making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. 

As wedding coordinators, they can manage the timelines of your wedding – including the length of pre-wedding rituals, the readying of the bridal parties, seating guests before the ceremony and so on – alongside handling any last-minute schedule changes. A wedding photographer may be late, or a bride delayed, and it’s vital to take these obstacles in stride.

From the setup to the breakdown of your special event, Cyprus wedding planners provide irreplaceable peace of mind for you and your spouse throughout the bustling day. Weddings are so busy, and having a professional coordinator available on-site means that everything will be handled before any problems occur. 

Cyprus wedding planner FAQs: Your questions answered

What is the best month to get married in Cyprus?

The best month to get married in Cyprus does depend on your preferences for weather and venue, but we highly recommend:

  • March – Spring in Cyprus is as warm and pleasant as the rest of the year, awash with blooming flowers and blue waters. Venues and hotels tend to have greater availability due to spring being an off-peak season for keen tourists, too.
  • June – Hot and sunny with longer daylight hours, June is also a popular month for beach destination weddings because of how warm the sea will be, and the dry weather. The powerful sunsets also make for a romantic atmosphere couples enjoy. 
  • September – As one of the harvest months for Cyprus, autumnal wedding celebrations (often held in September) are great because of the seasonal produce and local wines that can be incorporated into your event. The weather is also more tolerable without the glaring heat of summer.
  • December – For couples on a tight budget, the winter is generally best for weddings. Due to off-peak tourism, wedding venues and vendors are cheaper. Indoor weddings also thrive in many gorgeously and festively decorated venues!

Whether in summer or winter, Cyprus is hot all year round. If you’d like a more temperate ceremony, take your pick of our other destination wedding locations.

What documents do I need to get married in Cyprus? 

Generally, you’ll need:

  • A birth certificate
  • A certificate affirming you’re free to be married
  • A valid passport with a minimum validity of six months
  • A photocopy of your and your fiancé’s passport
  • If needed, a name change Deed Poll certificate
  • An affidavit or statutory declaration from a solicitor 
  • A joint notification wedding application

How much is the average wedding planner?

It depends! At The Wedding Travel Company, we have many dynamic pricing packages that cater to what you can afford. 

As a general rule of thumb, Cyprus wedding planners vary in price depending on experience and the services they offer. Sometimes, the cost also depends on the industry connections they have. 

We strive to be as accessible as possible in everything we do, providing our years of experience and connections to get couples the best possible rates. No matter if you’re a couple looking for a budget destination wedding or a luxury wedding, we’ll ensure you’re spoiled for choice in places to go to. 

Interested in a Cyprus wedding planner for your big day? We’d love to talk

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