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Weddings in Positano

A Positano wedding is ideal for those seeking a year round destination. Its packed full of excitement and entertainment. Positano has a huge choice of wedding locations suitable for an array of age groups. Sound appealing? Positano could be the perfect choice for your wedding abroad. It’s important to consider, Location, Size and local attractions (for your honeymoon). Explore our favourite Positano wedding venues below, or call our specialists.

Explore our favourite Weddings in Positano venues below, or call our specialists.

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Get Married in Style with a Stunning Positano Wedding

A Positano wedding offers breathtaking views and a truly romantic atmosphere that’s simply unrivalled. At The Wedding Travel Company, we can help you design your dream wedding in Positano. 

No matter if you want an intimate wedding or a grand affair, The Wedding Travel Company can accommodate all of your needs. From planning the flowers and music to the catering and hospitality, we are with you every step of the way. 

Allow us to take the stress out of wedding planning and transform the process into something that is exciting and inspiring. After all, an Amalfi Coast wedding should be nothing short of magical. 

So, what are you waiting for? A dreamy and unique Positano wedding is at your fingertips. 

Stunning view of Positano at night

Celebrate under the Twinkling Lights of Positano

Positano itself is a beautiful town to behold, with colourful villas and beautiful valleys. This ancient town is associated with numerous legends and myths, including the story of how Poseidon founded and shaped Positano for his nymph lover, Pasitea. 

Another legend tells the story of two brothers who sacrificed their lives to save a drowning woman, and Poseidon, impressed with their efforts, immortalised them by transforming the brothers into the two rocks that comprise the Vietri sul Mare, the gateway to the Amalfi Coast. 

With its romantic Italian ambience, rich cultural heritage, and picturesque scenery, Positano is the perfect place for a luxurious wedding, sitting at the heart of the Amalfi Coast. 

Plus, at The Wedding Travel Company, we can help you discover a collection of Positano wedding venues for your special day. 

Is a Wedding in Positano Calling to You? Let’s Make It Happen

The Wedding Travel Company’s wedding services have helped hundreds of couples plan their ideal destination wedding, organising every fine detail of your wedding day so that you can simply relax and enjoy the process. 

No matter what style of wedding you are opting for, you can rely on us to help you plan an incredible destination wedding at the Positano wedding venue of your choice. 

You have the option of choosing from one of our wedding packages, or for a more personalised service, you can opt to create your own wedding package that better suits your preferences and style. 

Despite Positano being listed as one of the more expensive wedding locations for couples, rest assured that we can create the destination wedding of your dreams, regardless of your budget. 

Engaged couple dancing in Positano

Our Wedding Venues in the Bustling Amalfi Town of Positano

At The Wedding Travel Company, we work both with you and vendors to ensure that you have the perfect wedding. You are bound to find the right place to host your Positano wedding with our beautiful collection of hand-picked venues. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of them…

Revel in the Sounds and Colours of a Positano Hotel Wedding: Poseidon Hotel 

Weddings at Poseidon Hotel exude opulence and glamour. With an on-site restaurant, including a rooftop bar, and a beautiful backdrop of Mediterranean colours, you can expect a wedding like no other. With an array of suites that guarantee the ultimate comfort, you and your guests can unwind and enjoy their time in the beautiful town of Positano both before and after the wedding celebrations. 

Admire unrestricted views on the hotel’s terrace, perched upon a cliff that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. Having hosted visitors for more than 60 years, Hotel Poseidon is a true crown jewel of Positano, with first-class hospitality at every turn. 

Celebrate your special day at this renowned Positano wedding venue, complete with a limoncello drinks cart, musicians or a DJ, and more to make your wedding memorable. 

Wine and Dine in the Former King of Naples’ Elegant Palazzo: Palazzo Murat

Perhaps one of the most famous hotels in Positano is the Palazzo Murat, a historic establishment that has seen visitors like Napoleon Bonaparte. In fact, it’s believed that the deluxe room is where the former King of Naples used to sleep! 

Situated right in the centre of Positano, Palazzo Murat is a wonderful venue for your Positano wedding. Despite its central location, its atmosphere is serene and peaceful, with a lush garden that guests can luxuriate in. 

The fairytale wedding of your dreams awaits you at Palazzo Murat, promising a dazzling sea view that is perfect for a coastside wedding. Sip post-ceremony drinks with your new spouse in Palazzo Murat’s alluring courtyard and treat yourself and your guests to a wedding experience that they will never forget. 

Decorated wedding arch in Positano
Young married couple in Positano

Enjoy a Glamorous Wedding Celebration at an Iconic Venue: Eden Roc Hotel

Nestled in Positano’s cliffside is Eden Roc Hotel, a charming establishment at a beautiful location. With balconies overlooking the glittering waters, you can witness extraordinary views of the Mediterranean Sea all night long. The perfect way to celebrate tying the knot in style.

This means that no matter if you are saying your vows, eating and drinking, or simply dancing the night away, you have the pleasure of doing all of this against the backdrop of the stunning sea. With Positano’s warm weather, Eden Roc Hotel’s balconies offer the ideal outdoor wedding environment, with both shaded and sunlit areas for you to enjoy. 

The boutique Eden Roc Hotel is run by the Casola family, who delight in creating the perfect experience for all of their guests. As they put it, they like to make all of their visitors feel like the star of their own Italian film. You couldn’t ask for a better ethos for a day where you should feel your most special.

From your ceremony to your wedding reception, we’ll be on hand to make your wedding day one to remember when you choose Eden Roc Hotel and our team of professional wedding planners at The Wedding Travel Company. 

Our Positano Wedding Venues for Your Ceremony

If you are thinking of having a civil or Catholic wedding, The Wedding Travel Company can help you find the perfect Positano wedding venue for these types of ceremonies. 

Say “I Do” Like a Local on the Terrace at Positano Town Hall

A wedding in Positano is a worthwhile option for those who are looking to indulge in a little bit of luxury in this iconic coastal town. Impress guests and have them looking back on your wedding day for years to come when you decide to get married in Positano!

Exchange your vows and rings in a heartfelt ceremony at Positano Town Hall, the most popular venue for civil weddings in Positano. We can arrange everything from the transportation of guests to and from the venue, as well as the opportunity to hire a professional wedding photographer to immortalise your wedding day, capturing all of the little moments that matter.

Positano view
Food at Positano wedding

Exchange Vows inside the Vaulted Catholic Church of Santa Maria Assunta

The Wedding Travel Company is also experienced with planning religious ceremonies, including Catholic weddings inside the Church of Santa Maria Assunta

Positano has a rich cultural and religious landscape, and the Church of Santa Maria Assunta can be linked back to the Benedectine Monastery of St. Mary, a late 10th-century abbey. A lot of the church’s details, despite many restorations, offer a glimpse into Medieval art and architecture, and of course, the history of Positano. 

Our wedding planners can assist with creating a meaningful wedding ceremony that aligns with your specific needs and requirements, including the organisation and translation of wedding documents. 

As one of the few churches to accept foreign couples in Positano, you simply cannot overlook this magnificent wedding venue that holds centuries' worth of history and culture. 

Let Us Take Care of Every Detail of Your Romantic Positano Wedding

The Wedding Travel Company specialises in destination wedding planning, with three decades of experience and expertise to help you organise your dream Positano wedding. 

We understand how stressful, even if exciting, it can be when it comes to planning your wedding. Sometimes, you might even feel overwhelmed with the entire process. This is where the expert wedding consultants at The Wedding Travel Company come in. 

From finding your perfect Positano wedding venue to planning the decorations, you can count on us to make the process as stress-free as possible. As industry-leading destination wedding planners, we’re used to handling every little detail with care. With the ability to book up to three years in advance, we can help you make your dream Positano wedding a reality.

If you would like to learn more about our services for Italian weddings, including weddings in Positano, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Book a callback and a consultant will be in touch with you. 

Bridge and groom at Positano wedding

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